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Goodness gracious, Emma Lou has not quit talking about the phenomenal service that she received from Central Islip Locksmith yesterday night. She keeps going on and on, about how great her technician was, and how Central Islip Locksmith is the best locksmith company that she has ever dealt with, etc…

Yesterday Emma Lou went out to a take a tour of a swine barn with her two sons. While they were there, she reached into her pocket to grab her phone because her husband was calling her from the airport, and while she reached into her pocket she accidentally brought her keys up with her phone. Her keys slipped out of her hand and in between one of the slabs in the ground of the barn. Now I don't know if you've ever been in a swine barn before, but once something drops in between those slabs it's gone forever. Plus who wants to get anything retrieved from a bunch of swine feces and who knows what else.

Since Emma Lou's husband was at the airport waiting for his flight out, he couldn't let them into the house. Well Emma Lou, remembered hearing her friend Amy talk about Central Islip Locksmith about a couple months back when her house key got stolen. So Emma Lou decided that after all the great things she heard from Amy that she'd give Central Islip Locksmith a call to see if they really could help her out.

When Emma Lou called Central Islip Locksmith and explained to one of the technicians her situation, and he told her that he would be able to get her into her house, and that she didn't need to worry. Emma Lou told us that her locksmith from Central Islip Locksmith, arrived at her house before she did, and was waiting in his truck for her. He then proceeded to get out of his car, showed her his license right after he introduced himself and got right to the job.

Emma Lou said that Central Islip Locksmith saved her day, and that she couldn't show just how appreciative she was and how thankful she was for them. She also kept mentioning how professional her locksmith was, and that when he first got to her house he asked her if there was anything that she needed beyond getting her into her house. That was something she didn't even expect from her technician, but she realized that the technicians at Central Islip Locksmith were unlike any other handyman service that she has ever dealt with.

Emma Lou believes that Central Islip Locksmith cares for their customers, because it was so evident in her technician that he wasn't just there to do a job, but to take care of any needs that she had that was related to her security and well being. It was so refreshing to have some was not only focused on their job and the money they would make from it, but also he wanted to make sure that she had everything she needed.

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